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Collections of Transcripts

These publications contain transcripts from audio-recorded interactions of various sorts made in Russia

  • Kitaigorodskaia, M. V., & Rosanova, N. N. (1994). Russkii rechevoj portret. Moscow.
Includes transcripts and an audio tape
  • Kitaigorodskaia, M. V., & Rosanova, N. N. (1999). Rech' moskvichej: Kommunikativno-kul'turologicheskij aspect. Moscow: Russkie Slavari. (Call Number PG 2750 M58K58 1999)
Includes transcripts
  • Zemskaia, E. A., & Kapanadze, L. A. (1978). Russkaia razgovornaia rech: Teksty. Moskva: Nauka. (Call Number PG2430 .R922)